Exquisite Corpse at Design Quartier Ehrenfeld is a dialogue between architecture, dance, film, design, photography, fashion and art in Cologne's most experimental cultural laboratory. It stages a performance that challenges the architect's static structure and the dancer's body in movement.

In collaboration with the dance group 'New Movement', music producers 'The Boilerhouse Boys' and 'Hochschule fur Musik Cologne', Exquisite Corpse brings together performative and visuals arts to explore interdisciplinary work and create a unique cultural environment where every element has been created in situ.

This event is a result of the collective work of the AA Interprofessional Studio alongside professionals such as Andy Dean (Boilerhouse) and Hochschule fur Musik Cologne for sound production and live performance, Heiko Kalmbach (filmmaker, theatre director and video artist), Robin McNicholas (flate-e), Steve Webb (WebbYates) and Nick Crosbie (Inflate), with the support of the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld and the Kunstsalon Cologne.

Exquisite Corpse at Design Quartier Ehrenfeld is the second of three works-in-progress
growing from Madrid to Cologne and resulting in a unique collection of experiences to be performed in London in September 2011.


Friday 22.7.

  • 15–18 h: See Ehrenfeld – A photographic documentation of a creative area

An urban photography workshop around the “Design Quartier Ehrenfeld” (10-15 participants, please send applications to info@d-q-e.net)

The participants of the workshop will explore the area of Ehrenfeld and try to discover its known and hidden creative qualities.
Learn how to photograph the urban environment, think outside the box and create images that show the city landscape and details.  Learn how to look at an environment as a raw canvas for a personal intervention, framing and setting up a visual discourse.

  • 18–20 h: Creative Ehrenfeld – Slideshow presentation followed by a discussion on the creative potential of the Area

The results of the photo workshop will be displayed in a public presentation and open a discussion with the audience. What are the potentials of the area, under what circumstances and what role can creativity play in its future development?
Hosted by DQE and AAIS

Saturday 23.7.

  • 20–21:30 h: Exquisite Corpse - Open Rehearsal

The performance first public appearance will be a final OPEN REHEARSAL that allows the artists to rehearse with an audience present. Often resulting in final fresh ideas and alterations and allowing for a better audience integration during the events on Sunday.

Sunday 24.7.

  • 15–16:30 h: Exquisite Corpse - Matinée Performance
    Presented by AAIS
  • 18–19:30 h: What Moves Cologne?

What moves Cologne? Between the two performances the situation contemporary dance in Cologne today will be discussed between local artist, visiting artists and creatives. What are the potentials and where are the challenges? What can Cologne learn from London/ Madrid or vice versa.
Hosted by KunstSalon Cologne

  • 20–21:30 Uhr: Exquisite Corpse – Evening Performance
    Presented by AAIS

Monday 25.7.

  • 14–17 h: New Movement Dance Workshop

Maximum 20 people, please send applications to info@d-q-e.net. Bring along your own creativity and enthusiasm.

Members of the New Movement Group teach participants with the use of the DanceSpinner simple choreography and dance moves.





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